In latest tour recap video, watch Twenty One Pilots try to go undercover in Mexico City

ABC/Image Group LATwenty One Pilots have shared their latest tour recap video, which includes footage of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun attempting to go undercover among fans in the streets of Mexico City.

In the clip, which you can watch now on YouTube, Joseph and Dun explain their plan to conceal their identity with Mexican lucha libre wrestling masks, and then shop for bootleg TOP merch outside the arena. As the pair walks through the street, Joseph becomes increasingly nervous that they'll be recognized.

When they eventually arrive at a merch booth and buy a t-shirt, a group of fans recognize them and start shooting video with their phones. As they start to leave, more people realize what's going on, and enthusiastic fans start chasing them down the street.

After the chaos, Joseph and Dun reflected on their adventure, stunned that they were recognized "right away."

"We also learned that no one else is wearing these," Joseph says, referring to the masks. "Right away we caught people's attention, no matter if it was us or not. So that was a bad idea."

Twenty One Pilots are currently touring Canada in support of their new album, Trench. They'll be back in the U.S. starting May 24, at the Boston Calling festival.

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