Tom DeLonge aims to provide “confirmation” and “pressure Congress” over UFOs with new docu-series

Credit: LeAnn MuellerTom DeLonge's UFO fascination continues with Unidentified, a new six-part docu-series executive produced and starring the former Blink-182 member, premiering this Friday on History.

Speaking to ABC Radio, DeLonge feels that Unidentified will be different than past UFO shows that follow "a bunch of guys hunting lights that were seen in the sky."

"I think it's something that people are gonna sit around and go, 'Oh my god, I had no idea!'" he says.

As for how Unidentified will be different, DeLonge and his team -- which includes former military intelligence official Luis Elizondo, who was in charge of a secret Pentagon program created to investigate the existence of UFOs -- hope the show will provide "confirmation" in the form of "hardcore, tangible, real data [brought] to the public in a succinct where they can digest it, understand it."

DeLonge's ultimate goal, however, is to "pressure Congress" into recognizing and acting on the information the show provides.

"The show will keep their constituents energized, which will keep the pressure on them," DeLonge says.

DeLonge says he's already started to see real-world results from his work with the show and his To the Stars Academy UFO research program, as evidenced by the recent New York Times articles about Navy pilots reporting UFOs.

"That was us," DeLonge says. "That was To the Stars Academy, that was our show. It's on the show."

As for DeLonge's other career, as a musician, that's represented on Unidentified too. He composed the show's score, which he likens to Trent Reznor's soundtrack work.

"He's a wonderful artist," DeLonge says of the Nine Inch Nails frontman.

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