Live & Bush frontmen preview joint 25th anniversary tour: “It’s really such a privilege”

Credits: Clay Patrick McBride; Neil KrugLive and Bush's co-headlining ALT-IMATE Tour kicks off Thursday night in Mashantucket, Connecticut. During the run, both bands will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of their 1994 breakout albums: Live's Throwing Copper and Bush's Sixteen Stone.

Speaking to ABC Radio, both Live's Ed Kowalczyk and Bush's Gavin Rossdale share how much it means to them that those albums still resonate with people a quarter of a century later.

"It's magical to me that these songs are still not just relevant to the fans, but I'm still finding things about them that I can celebrate now 25 years later," Kowalczyk says. "[I] still have a really great time singing them."

And Rossdale still feels that magic when he plays songs like "Glycerine."

"It's really such a privilege to see the effect it has on people when I play that song," he says. "It's one of those opening bars of a song when the crowd goes crazy, and I love that stuff, I get such a thrill [out] of it."

While the focus of each night will be on those two albums, neither band plans to play them in full. Both groups have new music in the works, and hope to bring that into the 25th anniversary celebration.

"We're gonna try to combine the celebration of Throwing Copper with making sure everybody gets a little taste of what we've been up to since then, all the other albums," Kowalcyzk says, before confirming that the show's "center of gravity" will be a "big celebration of [Throwing Copper's] 25th birthday."

Bush, meanwhile, will be playing "a lot" from Sixteen Stone, as well as some new stuff from their upcoming album.

"It's nice to have the things that people know, and then to sort of push forward, forward, forward," Rossdale says.

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