Watch Alice in Chains’ “So Far Under” episode of “Black Antenna”

Credit: Pamela LittkyAlice in Chains has premiered the next episode of Black Antenna, the ongoing sci-fi film project accompanying the band’s Grammy-nominated album, Rainier Fog.

The latest installment, soundtracked by the song “So Far Under,” focuses on the character Nil, who’s in pursuit of protagonists Alpha and Beta, two aliens disguised as humans trying to find a way to contact their home world. Nil has alien origins, too, but believes his race is superior to Alpha and Beta’s. 

You can watch the episode now on YouTube.

“So Far Under” is the eighth chapter in the 10-part Black Antenna series. It follows the previously released episodes “The One You Know,” “Rainier Fog,” “Red Giant,” “Fly,” “Drone,” “Deaf Ears Blind Eyes” and “Maybe.”

Alice in Chains will team up with Korn for a North American tour starting July 18 in Austin, Texas.

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