Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds has “no idea” when next album will be released: “It could be any time”

ABC/Randy HolmesImagine Dragons didn't take too long between releasing their last two albums: Last November's Origins arrived just over 16 months after the smash hit Evolve dropped June 2017. However, the next ID record may not be coming so quickly.

Speaking to Forbes, frontman Dan Reynolds says the band doesn't have any timeline regarding their fifth studio effort.

"There's nothing on the books right now," he says. "It could be any time. Could be 10 years, I have no idea."

However, Reynolds doesn't think the band is going on "hiatus." They've continued to be active this year; in fact, they just performed at the UEFA Champions League Final in Madrid and released a collaborative song with the late Avicii, "Heart Upon My Sleeve."

"I read somewhere, someone said we're on hiatus," he says. "I think someone just made that up. I don't know what we are. I mean, that sounds like a fun word, but we're just...When the music is ready, we'll put it out."

That's the strategy Reynolds and company took with Origins, which spawned the singles "Natural" and "Bad Liar."

"We didn't put Origins out because of any timeline, we put it out because we felt like we had a collection of songs that spoke as an album that we were really proud of and that we wanted to put out there," Reynolds explains. "And as soon as we have another collection of songs like that, we're totally going to do it."

"But, we also aren't feeling any pressure to put anything out," he adds. "We feel very comfortable with where we are."

The next show on Imagine Dragons' schedule is a performance at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio on August 4.

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