Jonas Brother claims that My Chemical Romance is “rehearsing”

Tim Mosenfelder/Corbis via Getty ImagesAs the dream of a My Chemical Romance reunion continues to be just that, a glimmer of hope has surfaced from an unlikely source.

Pop star Joe Jonas -- he of the recently reunited Jonas Brothers -- is claiming that the much-beloved emo rockers are back rehearsing together.

In a recent interview with a U.K. radio station, Joe said, "I've got some dirt. My Chemical Romance apparently were rehearsing next to us in New York recently, which...I thought they broke up. So I don't know."

Now, there are a few possibilities here that don't necessarily mean that MCR is reuniting. For one, frontman Gerard Way recently recorded a number of solo songs with guitarist Ray Toro and bassist Mikey Way, so perhaps that's who was rehearsing next to the Jonas Brothers. Or maybe they confused Frank Iero recording his new solo album, Barriers, for a My Chem reunion.

Of course, there is the possibility that My Chemical Romance is actually reuniting, but at this point, it's still an unconfirmed rumor.

My Chemical Romance broke up in 2013 after four albums. Their sophomore release, 2004's Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, celebrated its 15th anniversary Saturday.

ABC Radio has reached out to an MCR press contact for comment.

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