Imagine Dragons songs added to “Beat Saber” VR game

ABC/Randy HolmesImagine Dragons‘ music is coming to Beat Saber, a virtual reality rhythm game.

In Beat Saber, you’re equipped with a pair of lightsaber-esque blades you use to cut through different blocks, which represent musical beats. With the newly announced Imagine Dragons Music Pack, you’ll be able to do that to some of the band’s biggest hits, including “Radioactive,” “Believer,” “Thunder” and “Natural.”

Beat Saber is out now on various platforms, including Playstation VR and Oculus.

This isn’t ID’s first rodeo when it comes to the gaming world. Last year, they announced their investment in the Esports company ReKTGlobal, and in 2014, they wrote the song “Warriors” for the League of Legends World Championships.

If you want to hear Imagine Dragons perform in person and not just in virtual reality, their next live date is a show at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio on August 4.

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