New Years Day promises “a lot of love” on first ever headlining tour

Credit: Hristo ShindovNew Years Day is racking up a lot of firsts lately. The band's song "Shut Up," a single from their new album Unbreakable, is their first to impact a Billboard chart, and they're embarking on their first-ever U.S. headlining tour Tuesday night in Bakersfield, California.

Speaking to ABC Radio, frontwoman Ash Costello teases what you can expect from the tour.

"Just our gorgeous faces and a rock show...crowd interaction and a lot of love, a lot of fun," she says.

"We're gonna let the fans choose the songs, 'cause we get a lot of requests, and it's just too much!" Costello adds. "I don't wanna mess this up, so we're gonna let the fans do it."

New Years Day has been playing a lot of Unbreakable live this year during opening gigs, including a run with Falling in Reverse, and Costello feels that the new stuff is translating "really well" onstage, including  "Shut Up," which is much more poppy than a lot of NYD's earlier material.

"Our energy makes it heavy [live]," she says.

With "Shut Up" representing a stylistic change for New Years Day, Costello understands if some fans don't like it. After all, she went through something similar as an AFI fan when they put out 2006's Decemberunderground.

"I hated it!" Costello says of Decemberunderground, which spawned the single "Miss Murder." "I wanted Sing the Sorrow, I wanted darkness and despair and blast beats...and I didn't get that."

"So I think about how I felt when my favorite bands switched up sounds, and if that's how people wanna feel, that's OK," she adds. "But AFI got bigger after Decemberunderground, so obviously a lot of other people liked it, so that's OK." 

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