YouTube views of Nine Inch Nails’ “Head Like a Hole” video increase following “Black Mirror” episode

NetflixViews of Nine Inch Nails' video for "Head Like a Hole" have shot up following last week's premiere of the new Black Mirror season, which features an episode with pop star Miley Cyrus singing a reworked version of the 1989 track.

According to YouTube, daily views of "Head Like a Hole" have increased more than 300 percent over the previous week, compared to its daily average for the year prior to the episode's premiere.

In the episode, titled "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too,"  Cyrus plays a purple-haired pop star who unveils a mini-robot version of herself called Ashley Too. Each of the songs Cyrus' character sings in the episode is a Nine Inch Nails track reworked into a pop song.

For her take on "Head Like a Hole," Cyrus character sings "Hey there, whoa-oh/I'm on a roll/riding so high/achievin' my goals" instead of the original lyrics, which are, "Head like a hole/black as your soul/I'd rather die/than give you control."

Miley also performs a version of the NIN song "Right Where It Belongs" in the episode.

According to NME, frontman Trent Reznor gave his permission for the Black Mirror showrunners to rewrite Nine Inch Nails songs. Additionally, the band's website has started selling a t-shirt with  Cyrus' lyrics and the Black Mirror logo on it.

In related news, the video for Cyrus' version of "Head Like a Hole," titled "On a Roll," will premiere this Thursday.

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