Alter Bridge: New “Walk the Sky” album is “the answer” to “AB III”

Napalm RecordsAlter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti is shedding some light on the band's upcoming album, Walk the Sky. Speaking to Kerrang!, Tremonti explains that frontman Myles Kennedy sees the new record as "the answer" to the group's 2010 effort, AB III.

"That was a very brooding and dark lyrical record, whereas this one is the yang to the yin of that," Tremonti says.

"AB III was kind of about a loss of faith and not believing, Myles was having a dark moment in that time and he wrote the majority of the lyrics," he continues. "[Walk the Sky] is more of an enlightening, Zen kind of record -- it's not a preachy record by any means, it's more of a free-spirited kind of thing."

From a sonic perspective, Tremonti says he was inspired by the "old-school synthwave kind of vibe" often found in the films and soundtrack of iconic horror director and composer John Carpenter.

“Somebody might hear the record and have no idea that was intended," Tremonti explains. "But for a batch of songs, I tapped into some old loops that I either created or found randomly online, and worked with them in the background to inspire me to go in a different direction."

Walk the Sky, the follow-up to 2016's The Last Hero, is due out October 18.

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