Filter releasing 20th anniversary edition of “Title of Record”

Craft Recordings Filter is releasing a deluxe version of the band's 1999 sophomore album Title of Record in honor of its 20th anniversary. The expanded collection will arrive on August 9.

In addition to the remastered original album, which spawned the singles "Take a Picture" and "Welcome to the Fold," the Title of Record reissue includes four bonus tracks.  They include two remixes, plus the songs "(Can't You) Trip Like I Do" feat. The Crystal Method and "Jurassitol," which appeared on the Spawn and The Crow soundtracks, respectively. You can't get any more '90s than that.

The digital version will feature an extra five bonus tracks, including a live version of "Take a Picture."

"Title of Record is Filter's crowning achievement," frontman Richard Patrick says of the platinum-certified record. "Our signature album. It's amazing how much I loved making this record, even though it almost killed me."

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