Josh Homme working on project with Dave Grohl & Billy Gibbons, says ZZ Top guitarist

ABC/Randy HolmesJosh Homme is working on a new project with Dave Grohl and Billy Gibbons, and, according to the ZZ Top guitarist, it could be a new Queens of the Stone Age album.

"Just one month ago, I was making a record with Queens of the Stone Age," Gibbons tells the U.K.'s eonmusic. "Dave Grohl was also taking part and he decided to have a big barbecue. So there was this interesting gathering."

"We had gone to the desert to work on just a couple of tracks, and I was outside, and Josh came out of the studio, and he had this box, and it was making some strange noise," he continues. "And I said, 'Hey, what is that?' and he goes, 'I don't know, I just found it.' I said, 'Don't touch a thing; we're going to use it for the song!' So that's how it started."

It certainly seems that Gibbons is referring to a new entry in Homme's long-running collaborative Desert Sessions series, the return of which he teased last month. However, Gibbons says they were working on a full QotSA album.

"I was talking with Josh just yesterday, and I was very excited," Gibbons says, adding that whatever they were working on is "completed."

"I think that [Homme] said he wants to put it out Halloween," Gibbons adds. "It'll be good."

Queens of the Stone Age's most recent album is 2017's Villains. The last Desert Sessions release arrived in 2003.

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