Korn’s Jonathan Davis reveals “NeverEnding Story” influence on new album title, “The Nothing”

Roadrunner Records/Elektra If you're a person of a certain age, the first thing you probably thought of when you heard the new Korn album would be called The Nothing was the classic 1984 film The NeverEnding Story. It turns out that frontman Jonathan Davis was thinking of the same thing.

Speaking to Kerrang!, Davis says he "love[s]" the film, which takes place in a fantasy world that's being overtaken by a mysterious, dark force called "The Nothing." When trying to think up a title for the new Korn album, that phrase came to mind.

"I was struggling with the thing that's chasing me -- that's always f**ing with me," Davis explains. "I tried to give it a name and [The Nothing] just fit."

While The Nothing in The NeverEnding Story is a purely evil force, Davis feels that his definition is "somewhere in between."

"The Nothing's not necessarily evil evil," he says. "It's a mixture, and I'm all about balance."

The album The Nothing, which features the single "You'll Never Find Me," is due out September 13.

The NeverEnding Story has also inspired other musical acts: For example, the band Atreyu is named after one of the main characters in the film.  Other groups who've referenced the movie in their music in one way or another include Bayside, New Found Glory and The Aquabats.

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