Live teases new music arriving next year: “There’s still a lot of ground we can cover”

Credit: Clay Patrick McBrideLive returned in 2018 with a new EP called Local 717, their first release with frontman Ed Kowalczyk since 2006. More new music is on the way, and Kowalczyk tells ABC Radio when we can expect to hear it.

"I think probably not this year, but maybe early next year," he says. "We have a bunch of stuff that we didn't use for the Local 717 EP that we need to kinda flesh out some more."

Kowalczyk feels that Local 717, which was recorded following a run of festival sets and shows with Foo Fighters, is a bit on the harder-rocking side of Live's sound, and future material might go in different directions.

"There's still a lot of ground we can cover there," he says. "We've always been known for a sort of mid-tempo, more emotional rock song, we haven't put any of that out yet, so we have that cooking."

Live plans to hit the studio following the conclusion of their summer tour with Bush, during which both bands are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their respective 1994 albums, Throwing Copper and Sixteen Stone.

"We have a studio of our own, which is really awesome, in our hometown of York, Pennsylvania," Kowalczyk says. "It's ready and waiting, and we'll be in it."

Live's tour with Bush concludes in September.

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