You can play as Avenged Sevenfold’s M. Shadows in new “Call of Duty” update

Credit: Jeff ForneyAvenged Sevenfold's relationship with the Call of Duty video game franchise is going to the next level.

Frontman M. Shadows will be a playable character in Operation Apocalypse Z, a new update coming to the Black Ops 4 game.

"It's amazing, it's a dream come true," Shadows says of his inclusion in the game.

Operation Apocalypse Z is out now on PS4, and Shadows' character will be available in the coming weeks.

Avenged Sevenfold previously recorded four songs for Call of Duty games: "Mad Hatter," "Carry On," "Not Ready to Die" and "Jade Helm." All four tracks were collected on an EP titled Black Reign, which was released last fall.

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