Grandson shocks and electrifies in “Stigmata” video

Credit: Sarah WaxbergGrandson has premiered the video for his song “Stigmata.”

The clip, streaming now on YouTube, finds a group of evil doctors doing experiments on a woman with electricity. If you’ve seen any origin-story comic book movies, then you probably know how this ends.

Grandson adds that the video was also inspired by the infamous 1961 Milgram experiment, which tested a subject’s willingness to obey authority by asking them to administer electric shocks to an unseen person. 

Fun fact: That same experiment also inspired the track “We Do What We’re Told (Milgram’s 37),” on Peter Gabriel‘s iconic 1986 album So.

“Ordinary people can do extraordinarily bad things,” the “Blood // Water” rocker says.

“Stigmata” appears on grandson’s new EP, a modern tragedy vol. 2. A live version is included on his newly released no apologies live EP.

Grandson will launch a U.S. headlining tour this fall, starting September 10 in Minneapolis.

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