Alice in Chains teases final “Black Antenna” episode, premiering next week

Credit: Pamela LittkyAlice in Chains will premiere the final installment of their ongoing Black Antenna film project next Wednesday, July 17.

A minute-long preview of the episode, which includes a voice-over of Winston Churchill's famous "We Shall Fight on the Beaches" speech, is streaming now on YouTube.

Black Antenna is a 10-part sci-fi thriller that accompanies Alice in Chains' Grammy-nominated album, Rainier Fog. Each episode, the first of which debuted back in March, is soundtracked by a Rainier Fog song. The final chapter will feature the album's closing track, "All I Am."

The story of Black Antenna follows Alpha and Beta, two aliens disguised as humans trying to find a way to contact their home world. Meanwhile, another alien, the evil Nil, is pursuing our heroes with the intention of killing them and their kind.

The final Black Antenna episode will premiere one day before Alice in Chains hits the road on a North American tour with Korn, which kicks off Thursday, July 18 in Austin, Texas.

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