Beastie Boys celebrating 30th anniversary of “Paul’s Boutique” with rare remixes and B-sides

Capitol RecordsBeastie Boys' 1989 sophomore album Paul's Boutique turns 30 later this month, and to celebrate, the band is reissuing a series of rare remixes and B-sides.

A total of six EPs consisting of 21 tracks will drop over the next few weeks, starting today with the release of the An Exciting Evening At Home With Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and Love American Style EPs, which are available now for digital outlets.

On July 26, you'll be able to download two more EPs featuring various remixes of the singles "Hey Ladies" and "Shadrach." August 2 will see the release of remix collections of both "Shake Your Rump" and "Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun."

Paul's Boutique was released July 25, 1989, three years after the Beasties' landmark debut Licensed to Ill dropped in 1986. The album's since been certified two-times platinum.

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