Exclusive: Rubikon premieres video for new single, “Blood on My Hands”

Credit: Geoff TischmanABC Radio is premiering the video for Rubikon's new single, "Blood on My Hands."

The clip stars vocalist Jae Sims as a man seemingly trying to find a place to hide a dead body. But when he finds a spot to dump the body bag, we learn that it's actually full of a bunch of CDs, vinyl records and cassette tapes.

"It's just sort of symbolic of the death of that physical media," Sims tells ABC Radio of the video. "I know myself and the other guys in the band, when we were younger, going to a record store was such a cool process. So the video, I think, just represents the death of that process."

Filming the "Blood on My Hands" video was a new experience for Sims and Rubikon, as they had never made a more story-driven visual.

"It's more of a cinematic thing," Sims says. "I've never been through that sort of process, dealing with multiple shots. It was a super-interesting project."

As for the actual song, "Blood on My Hands" takes on a larger worldview than just the battle between physical and digital media.

"The 'Blood on My Hands' song really speaks to the fact of, especially in today's climate, today's society, that we need to treat each other with compassion, we need to treat each other with kindness," Sims says.

"The thing is that, if we don't, there's consequences, there's long-lasting consequences."

"Blood on My Hands" is the lead single from Rubikon's upcoming new album The Record, due out September 20. It's the follow-up to 2015's Delta, which spawned the single "Live That Lie."

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