Royal Blood’s “very much in the middle” of next album: “We’ve got some monsters hidden up our sleeves”

ABC/Randy HolmesRoyal Blood's been relatively quiet this year, and that's because the British duo is deep into recording a new album.

"We're very much in the middle of it," frontman Mike Kerr tells NME of the next record's progress, adding that he and drummer Ben Thatcher have "got some monsters hidden up our sleeves."

"A similar thing happened on the last record where we got to a point where we had some real breakthrough moments," Kerr explains. "The standard has raised and we hit upon a couple of tunes that were better than anything we’d ever done before. It's changed the temperature of the water a lot."

In an Instagram post earlier this month, Royal Blood teased that the album would be the "wildest and scariest record we have ever made."

"All things scary should feel weird at first," Kerr now says. "It's like when you've got a new accessory or a piece of clothing that feels scary, you feel a little self-conscious going out in it. Then you catch your reflection and realize that you look cool as f***."

"It's one of those for us," he continues. "If you're not scared, then it means that you haven't touched upon anything new or fresh. I think we were waiting for the fear."

Royal Blood's most recent album is their 2017 sophomore effort How Did We Get So Dark?, which spawned the singles "Lights Out" and "I Only Lie When I Love You."

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