CHVRCHES’ Lauren Mayberry responds to criticism over Dia de los Deftones billing

ABC/Randy HolmesOn Monday, Deftones announced the lineup for their second annual Dia de los Deftones festival, with CHVRCHES receiving second billing on the poster, sandwiched between Chino Moreno's band and the French metal group Gojira. Apparently, the lineup order rankled one prominent member of the metal community, and CHVRCHES frontwoman Lauren Mayberry has fired back.

In a tweet Monday, Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta wrote, "Who is churches with a v and why the f*** are they playing over Gojira get tha f*** outtta here."

"You're gonna get embarrassed off the stage lol no offense," he continued. "God the music industry suckkkkks sometimes."

Jasta added that he's "sure [CHVRCHES] are lovely people and a popular group," but he doesn't "agree with the line up order."

"Metal needs to be shown more respect," he wrote. "Longer career, legacy, more albums, bill em higher."

In response to Jasta's comments, Mayberry wrote, "Deftones curated the lineup so I don't know how that speaks to problems with The Music Industry."

"I think it's important and powerful that they promote the idea of a diverse community and try to bridge gaps instead of being guided by limiting, antiquated ideas about genre," she added.

Mayberry also shared that she's a fan of both Deftones and Gojira, and has seen both bands live.

"Just because someone plays or listens to 'pop music' doesn't mean they don't understand or appreciate other things," she wrote.

In announcing the Dia de los Deftones lineup, Moreno specifically mentioned that diversity was a goal for the festival.

"Each artist fits a different vertical of the music that we all love," he said. "There is truly something for everyone."

The 2019 Dia de los Deftones takes place November 2 at San Diego's Petco Park.

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