Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 experiments with EDM, bluegrass & more on new solo album, “Invasion”

Credit: Rob FennIn addition to playing with artists including Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson, guitarist John 5 has his own solo career, which continues with the new album Invasion. Speaking to ABC Radio, John says Invasion goes in a whole lot of directions.

"I was walking by my son's room, and he's always playing this EDM music," John explains. "And I'm, like, 'Man, those riffs are pretty good. They're hypnotizing and just repetitive and really cool.'"

"So there's a few songs on the record that [have] that kind of feel to it," he continues. "But I put all these guitar solos over it. It's really exciting."

Additionally, John experiments with industrial, funk and even country and bluegrass with Invasion.

"There's also a song called 'Howdy,' which is just straight-up bluegrass, I'm playing banjo in it," he says. "Then I do a song with just mandolin. It's really neat, it's just such a diverse record."

John has already released videos for a few Invasion songs, and hopes to make a visual for every track on the record. He promises that a video for "Howdy" is in the works, and will continue the story of previous clips, which star John as a giant, animated robot.

"I'm gonna be flying to San Francisco to take over the city," John says of his future robot adventures. "But I crash somewhere in Bakersfield and I end up at the [legendary] Crystal Palace [music hall]." 

Invasion will be released digitally this Wednesday, July 31.

Meanwhile, you can catch John 5 live playing in Rob Zombie's band during his ongoing tour with Marilyn Manson, which continues Friday, August 2 in Portland, Oregon.

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