Little baseball player takes running ‘home’ literally, and it’s the cutest thing

Bill Holley(NEW YORK) — A video of a 20-month-old baseball player adorably following instructions is a home run — literally.

William Holley might be young, but he’s already quite the slugger, as seen in a video taken by his grandfather Bill Holley in the yard.

When William hit the ball, he quickly ran to first, second, then third. That’s when things got a little confusing.

“Run home!” Holley yelled. The toddler, technically following the directions he was given, started booking it to the house next to him rather than home plate.

William’s grandmother Lisa Woodward told Good Morning America that baseball is all William thinks about. His dad, Ryan Holley, played college baseball at Binghamton University in New York, so swinging the baseball bat is in his blood.

“When he was really young, he would take a bat while watching baseball on TV,” Woodward said. “Every time the pitcher would throw the ball, William would swing the bat at the same time.”

Woodward said William is always trying to swing the bat, even when he doesn’t have one.

“If we didn’t have a bat in the house, he’d pick up anything he could find and get in his batting stance,” Woodward said. “He takes whatever he can find, hits it on the ground, then gets into his little batting stance.”

William’s parents are big Chicago Cubs fans, and William is often rocking a tiny baseball hat representing his family’s favorite team.

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