Could Slipknot pull a KISS and ditch the masks? “Never,” says Corey Taylor

ABC/Randy HolmesDon’t count on Slipknot ever pulling a KISS and performing without their masks.

In an interview with Ireland’s Overdrive, frontman Corey Taylor was asked if the Knot would ever consider ditching their masks, much like KISS did with their signature makeup for a while in the ’80s and ’90s.

“No I could never see us losing the masks,” he responded.

“It’s such a part of our art,” Taylor explains. “It’s also part of the reason why we change the masks with every album. Unlike KISS, they have always used the same makeup and it never evolved. For us, we’ve changed with every album and not only the masks but also the outfits.”

In fact, Taylor feels that if Slipknot ever got the sense that they should perform without masks, that would mark the time for the band to call it quits.

“If we ever got the notion to do Slipknot unmasked, I think I’d be like, ‘Well…ehh no,'” Taylor says. “We are all in our 40s now and we still very much have a love/hate relationship with what we do, but every time we step on stage, we’re absolutely prepared to give it everything we’ve got.”

He continues, “So, for me personally, when that feeling stops, when we start trying to cut corners and try to make things easier, just so we can ‘get on with it,’ that’s when it’s gonna be time to call it a day.”

The members of Slipknot are currently wearing their new masks across the country on their ongoing U.S. tour in support of their new album We Are Not Your Kind, due out this Friday.

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