Ghost’s Tobias Forge: “I don’t want to rush” next album

Credit: Mikael ErikssonGhost's most recent album, 2018's Grammy-nominated Prequelle, is just over a year old, but frontman Tobias Forge is already looking forward to the next record. However, as he tells Billboard, he plans to take his time with it.

"I don't want to rush," Forge explains. "I want to go forward and achieve as many things as possible."

"I'm always thinking ahead," he continues. "One day this will all be over, and I'll have plenty of time to sit and wonder what happened."

Forge plans to hit the studio in January, and hopes to build on what Ghost achieved with Prequelle and their past albums.

"There are a lot of things, making Prequelle and all the other records, I'm thinking about," he says. "Some things I'm looking to perfect, and some things I'm looking not to repeat. Some things, I think we just missed the mark on. And those are the ambitions I go into with every record, and this time as well."

Before returning to the studio, Ghost will launch a U.S. headlining tour this fall, marking the Swedish band's first complete arena run in the States.

"In the past, even the last American tour we did last fall, where we played all over the place...we played a lot of theaters, and some nights we didn't use pyro at all," Forge says. "Some nights we couldn't use this gag at all, or couldn't do this, that and the other, just because there were restrictions."

"If you come and see us [this time] you're going to get the same show in Seattle as if you came to see us in Fargo," he adds. "And I'm very proud of that."

Ghost's fall tour launches September 13 in Bakersfield, California.

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