Following Alabama Barker incident, Echosmith offers insight into drummer’s behavior

Nate HoffmanFollowing the news that Echosmith drummer Graham Sierota had apologized to Alabama Barker, the 13-year-old daughter of Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, for messaging her online, the rest of the "Cool Kids" band -- and their parents -- have now issued a statement giving Graham's behavior context.

Alabama accused Graham, 20, of being "super creepy" because of his messages to her.  But his family has now explained that Graham has Austism Spectrum Disorder and "has difficulty understanding social cues," which led to those "deeply hurtful mischaracterizations."

The family's statement explains that Graham "sees the world as the happiest place, where everyone is a potential friend, and he wants everyone to feel included," adding, "Anyone who has ever met Graham will agree, he is the friendliest and most kind-hearted, welcoming person in the world."

The family notes, "We understand that his interactions were misinterpreted and misunderstood in the confusing world of social media, and we are deeply sorry. Graham certainly never meant to make anyone feel uncomfortable." 

"As a family, we will continue to work with him to have the right tools and knowledge about social boundaries, and to better navigate and utilize social media while he takes a break from it," the statement continues.

They conclude, "We hope anyone who’s been affected, and in turn felt uncomfortable, can accept our deepest apologies."

The statement was signed by Graham's sister Sydney and his brother Noah, who are his bandmates in Echosmith, as well as their parents.

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