FEVER 333 announces pop-up festival following Woodstock 50’s cancellation

Credit: Jimmy FontaineFEVER 333 was one of the many artists on the Woodstock 50, but now that the ailing festival has officially been canceled, the trio is making other plans.

The "Made an America" rockers have announced a pop-up festival, dubbed Wouldstock, taking place this Friday, August 16 at the Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie, New York. They hope to promote "local artists, activists [and] community members."

If you feel you fit that description, you can tweet at the band's handle, @FEVER333, with the festival's flyer and the hashtag #Wouldstock.

You can also catch FEVER 333 opening for Korn and Alice in Chains' ongoing co-headlining tour. They'll launch their own headlining outing in September.

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