Tool’s “Fear Inoculum” is the longest song to ever chart on the “Billboard” Hot 100

Credit: Travis ShinnWho else besides Tool could chart on the Billboard Hot 100 with a song that's over 10 minutes long? Apparently, literally no one else ever.

According to Billboard, the band's new single "Fear Inoculum," their first in 13 years, has debuted at number 93 on the Hot 100. At 10 minutes and 21 seconds long, it is the lengthiest track to ever chart on the all-genre ranking.

In fact, "Fear Inoculum" is the only song at least 10 minutes long to ever appear on the Hot 100. The second-longest track to make the cut is David Bowie's nine-minute and 57-second "Blackstar," which peaked at number 78 following the music legend's death in January 2016.

"Fear Inoculum" is the title track from Tool's upcoming album, the long-awaited follow-up to 2006's 10,000 Days. It'll arrive August 30.

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