Three Days Grace members visit Kenya for new charity initiative

Courtesy of Three Days GraceLast fall, Three Days Grace vocalist Matt Walst and drummer Neil Sanderson visited two communities in Kenya as part of the group's Kenya Project initiative -- part of the group's MTN of HOPE charity organization. Since today is World Humanitarian Day, the Canadian rockers have now shared a video documenting their trip.

In the clip, streaming now on YouTube, you see Walst and Sanderson playing acoustic guitars and leading singalongs with schoolchildren. They also learn about the abuse the children are threatened with because they must attend schools miles away, and about the vast effort it takes to obtain clean water.

“When you meet communities of families and children who mostly live off $2 a day, but greet you with the biggest smiles and are so full of hope and resilience, it makes you take stock of your life and how lucky we are to be born in Canada," Sanderson says.

"We were given every resource and freedom to create opportunities at making a career as a band," the drummer continues. "Now we have an opportunity to use our career to build awareness and invite our fans from all over the world to join us at creating change to people that can use a hand up."

You can learn more about the Kenya Project and the band's chartity at

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