A Day to Remember’s next album might be band’s “happiest,” says frontman

Credit: Jimmy FontaineA Day to Remember's most recent album, 2016's Bad Vibrations, lived up to its name in terms of tone, but frontman Jeremy McKinnon says the band's next effort, You're Welcome, will be more about positivity.

"It kind of feels like the happiest record that we've written in a minute -- or ever," McKinnon tells NME. "That's exciting for me."

"The name of the game this time was collaboration," he continues. "You know, getting in a room together, getting in a room with people who inspire us, seeing what comes out."

McKinnon adds that the album and its lead single, "Degenerates," were partly inspired by the "country world."

"Kacey Musgraves has got this song called 'Space Cowboy,'" McKinnon explains. "I love how you've seen the title of the song, you think you know what she's talking about, then that chorus hits and it's a completely different subject and meaning than what you thought the song was going to be about."

"If you really listen to the lyrics in 'Degenerates,' it completely flips the meaning of the song," he continues. "It's about what other people assume by looking at someone. That's where the line 'dividing all the books by their covers' comes from. It's about judging others by the way they look, rather than on their merits."

You're Welcome is due out later this year. Meanwhile, A Day to Remember will spend the fall touring the U.S. with I Prevail and Beartooth.

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