The Glorious Sons frontman breaks down “psychotic,” “Helter Skelter”-inspired new single, “Panic Attack”

Credit: Jonathan WeinerFollowing their breakout song "S.O.S. (Sawed Off Shotgun)," The Glorious Sons are back with a new track called "Panic Attack," the lead single off their upcoming album, A War on Everything. As frontman Brett Emmons tells ABC Radio, everything you need to know about "Panic Attack" is in the song's title.

"It really is about a panic attack," Emmons laughs. He adds, though, that the lyrics don't necessarily reflect a specific panic attack, but more of the feeling of one in general.

"It was more a vague sense of what any of us could be going through at that moment in time," he explains. "When you're feeling like you're losing your breath and about to faint, or your heart's beating 10,000 miles per hour and you're sweating, and you've convinced yourself you've had an aneurysm."

Musically, "Panic Attack" is appropriately manic, partly because it was Frankenstein-ed together from three or four other tracks. When it started to come together, Emmons says the Canadian rockers took some inspiration from The Beatles classic, "Helter Skelter."

"That one was kind of about capturing energy and screaming your head off," he says. "We knew that we wanted the first track on the album to be crazy, psychotic a little bit." 

A War on Everything is due out September 13.

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