The Black Keys need another “Twilight” movie to release leftover songs

Credit: Alysse GafkjenThe Black Keys returned this year with "Let's Rock", their first album in five years. In addition to the 12 tracks featured on the record, the duo also had a batch of tunes left over.

"From this record, there's about 13 or 15 songs that we started and didn't finish," drummer Patrick Carney tells Rolling Stone. "And two that I think we did completely finish. But every record, there's a few."

As for what will happen to those songs, Carney doesn't say. However, he does have one idea, which involves resurrecting a certain massively popular vampire film franchise.

"Now that they stopped making the Twilight movies, we have nothing to do with [the leftover songs]," Carney says. "We can't put them on the soundtrack to Twilight."

The Black Keys song "Chop and Change" was featured on the soundtrack to the 2010 Twilight film Eclipse. The franchise's soundtracks oddly became a haven for alternative rock bands, featuring songs by Muse, The Dead Weather, Linkin Park, The Killers, Death Cab for Cutie, Beck, Vampire Weekend, Florence + the MachineThom Yorke, Paramore and St. Vincent, among others.

Meanwhile, The Black Keys are preparing for their first headlining tour in four years, which launches September 23 in Denver. As a preview, they've been sharing live videos from a recent rehearsal session, including performances of "Go" and "Lonely Boy."

The latest rehearsal video, showcasing the Attack & Release song "I Got Mine," is streaming now on YouTube.

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