Are Green Day, Weezer and Fall Out Boy planning a joint tour?

ABC/Heidi GutmanHere's a potential giant tour announcement: Green Day, Weezer and Fall Out Boy may be hitting the road together.

Speculation about the three bands teaming up began over the weekend when Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong commented on an Instagram post by The Office actor Rainn Wilson, and tagged Weezer's Rivers Cuomo and Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz along with the phrase "Hella Mega."

Internet sleuths then uncovered Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for a "Hella Mega Tour," as well as a password-protected website,, featuring a GIF of Wilson's Office character Dwight shushing with his finger.

Meanwhile, some fans on social media have received mysterious merch in the mail featuring mash-ups of the three bands. For example, one got a shirt with a picture of Fall Out Boy under the word "Weezer," while another received one with Green Day's photo and Fall Out Boy's name.

However, the most convincing evidence that the Hella Mega tour is a real thing is a video found by a Latin American Green Day fan account, which features Billie Joe wearing a t-shirt with hand-drawn Fall Out Boy and Weezer logos and the phrase "Hella Mega."

In the video, Armstrong is strumming an acoustic guitar and singing the Green Day classic "Wake Me Up When September Ends" -- except, he replaces the lyrics with "Wake me up on September 10," which is this Tuesday. We then see drummer Tre Cool walk up behind Armstrong and smash the guitar, Animal House-style.

It's unclear exactly how and where the video was uncovered, but it certainly seems to point to the Hella Mega tour being a true thing that will actually happen.

Right now, though, nothing has been officially confirmed. We'll find out on Tuesday if we've all been duped.

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