The Glorious Sons tackle the “struggle of just being a human being” with new album, “A War on Everything”

Credit: Jonathan WeinerThe Glorious Sons have been lighting up the rock charts in their native Canada this decade, but the band finally broke through in the U.S. in 2018 with their single “S.O.S. (Sawed Off Shotgun).” The Ontario rockers are keeping the good times rolling with a new album called A War on Everything, which arrives this Friday, September 13.

Speaking to ABC Radio, frontman Brett Emmons explains that the success of “S.O.S.” didn’t influence the direction of the new material.

“It did have an effect in the fact that it maybe added to the momentum of the whole thing, and it added to the excitement around the band and the excitement around our own music,” Emmons says. “But I don’t think that it made its way into any of our decision-making during the process of A War on Everything.”

The War lead single, “Panic Attack,” is quickly following in the footsteps of “S.O.S.” — it currently sits in the top 10 on Billboard‘s Mainstream Rock Songs chart — and the two songs share similar lyrical themes.

“Obviously, I hope that my writing has changed since the last album enough that people will get new textures and different topics and subjects,” says Emmons. “But I don’t think I’ll ever shy away from talking about those particular things, like mental health and the struggle of just being a human being.”

Both “Panic Attack” and “S.O.S.” are about fighting forces trying to bring you down — whether they be internal or external. Overall, Emmons feels that War continues that battle, but not, as some as theorized, in a political sense.

“It’s more of a personal war that you would fight with yourself,” he says.

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