Slipknot’s Corey Taylor & Clown file motion to dismiss Chris Fehn’s lawsuit

ABC/Randy HolmesWhile Slipknot has been busy touring behind the band's new album We Are Not Your Kind, former member Chris Fehn's lawsuit against frontman Corey Taylor and percussionist Michael Shawn "Clown" Crahan continues in court. Taylor and Crahan have now filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

In affidavits filed this week, Taylor and Crahan are asking the judge to throw out the case because Fehn filed his complaint in New York State, where they claim to have no connection.

"I have no property in New York, and other than occasional performances with the band in New York, personally conduct no business in New York," both Taylor and Crahan write in their statements. 

They also add that they do not own property in New York or live in the state, and that none of Slipknot's albums were ever "written, rehearsed or recorded in New York."

News of Fehn's lawsuit first broke in March. The percussionist sued Taylor, Crahan and Slipknot management firm over a financial dispute, essentially accusing them of hiding money in separate businesses entities in order to funnel money to themselves without paying him equally.

Following the suit going public, Slipknot announced that Crahan was no longer in the band. He's since been replaced with an unidentified mystery member, who fans have been calling "Tortilla Man."

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