A Day to Remember influenced by Tom Petty on upcoming new album, ‘You’re Welcome’

Credit: Jimmy FontaineA Day to Remember frontman Jeremy McKinnon is revealing more about the band’s upcoming album You’re Welcome, telling Kerrang! that the record was partly influenced by the late rock legend Tom Petty.

“There are songs on this record that make me feel like it could be a Tom Petty song,” McKinnon explains. “Tom Petty’s a massive influence on me and [guitarist Kevin] Skaff, too.”

McKinnon adds that the influences on You’re Welcome are “all over the place,” and that the band’s main goal with the album was to “just write good songs.”

“Making sure that we wrote the best songs that we could was all I cared about,” McKinnon says.

“Of course we’re going to have those songs where it feels like it’s just a rock song, and then we’re going to have the songs that have punk and a little bit of heaviness,” he explains. “And then we’re going to have the songs that go full-tilt heavy. It’s going to have a mix of everything.”

You’re Welcome, the follow-up to 2016’s Bad Vibrations, is due out later this year. It will feature the new single “Degenerates.”

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