Watch Donald Trump walk out to Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” for Mariano Rivera’s Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony

ABC/Randy HolmesMetallica's "Enter Sandman" served as President Donald Trump's entrance music Monday when he honored New York Yankees pitching legend Mariano Rivera with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

If you're confused as to why a metal classic was used to introduce the president, that's because "Enter Sandman" would always play whenever Rivera took the mound during his career.

Before Trump and Rivera entered the room for the ceremony, a loudspeaker played a recording of Rivera being announced to enter a game, followed by a recording of "Enter Sandman." You can watch the unlikely melding of metal and politics now via C-SPAN.

Earlier this year, Rivera became the first player to be unanimously elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame. After Metallica shared a video congratulating Rivera, the pitcher admitted that he didn't actually listen to the metal legends, saying that he instead listens to "Christian music."

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