Blink-182’s new album ‘Nine’ is “all over the place in the best possible scenario”

Walt Disney Television/Paula LoboBlink-182's new album Nine is out today. For the project -- their second with Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba in place of former member Tom DeLonge -- the punk trio wanted to return to the experimental nature of their 2003 self-titled release.

"The album's all different," drummer Travis Barker tells ABC Radio of Nine.

"As are most of our albums, or our recent ones," he adds. "Even self-titled was very different going from track to track. But yeah, lots of different vibes on the record."

That sonic diversity is evident in the first three tracks released from Nine: lead single "Blame It on My Youth," "Generational Divide" and "Happy Days." While each of those songs dealt with similar themes about youth, bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus feels that the album is just as diverse lyrically as it is musically.

"The album is all over the place lyrically," he explains. "The fact that these songs happen to kind of hearken back to youth and growing up and things like that is not indicative of the rest of the record at all. The record's all over the place in the best possible scenario."

"We wrote about heartbreak, we wrote about friends, we wrote about relationships," Hoppus adds. "We wrote about everything."

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