Original Motörhead guitarist Larry Wallis dead at 70

Paul Welsh/RedfernsOriginal Motörhead guitarist Larry Wallis has died at the age of 70, according to a post on the band's website.

Wallis joined up with Lemmy Kilmister and drummer Lucas Fox to form Motörhead in 1975. He played on the band's album On Parole, which was recorded in 1975 but wasn't released until 1979, after Motörhead gained success with the band's two 1979 records, Overkill and Bomber.

By the time On Parole had been released, Wallis had left Motörhead, three years earlier in 1976. He was then replaced by "Fast" Eddie Clarke, who, along with Lemmy and drummer Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor, made-up Motörhead's so-called "classic lineup."

Lemmy and Taylor both died in 2015, and Clarke passed in 2017.

Following his Motörhead stint, Wallis became a producer for the punk and new wave label Stiff Records.

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