After eight years, Cold “Runs” again with new album, ‘The Things We Can’t Stop’

Credit: Emily TingleyCold is back.

The Jacksonville rockers, who scored rock hits in the early 2000s with singles including "Stupid Girl," "No One" and "Suffocate," have released a new album, their first in eight years, called The Things We Can't Stop.

"I didn't know if I really wanted to do another record at all, but I just kept writing songs," frontman Scooter Ward tells ABC Radio. "I'm a musician, so that's what I do."

The Things We Can't Stop features 11 new songs, including the current single "Without You," plus a cover of Snow Patrol's "Run." Ward would often listen to the original "Run" when in a sad mood, such as when he had to leave his family to go on tour.

"I'm very emo about things," Ward says. "I would always listen to tragic songs to help me, that's how I deal with my stuff. And 'Run' was always a great song."

Structurally, Cold's version of "Run" stays true to the original -- "I love the whole melody of it, it's a beautiful chorus," Ward says -- but does add one key element: harmonies.

"I always did like singing a song or listening to a song," Ward explains. "And me and [guitarist] Nick [Coyle] were talking, and I was, like, 'We should do 'Run' with harmonies.' And it was just, I don't know, we did it and it was dope."

Cold is currently on tour for the first time in eight years, and Ward has noticed a "different" and more "emotional" reaction from fans since they last time the band hit the road.

"That song that might've helped [fans] when they were younger in high school, or a little older, and helped them through something, I think when they hear it, it just brings all that back," Ward says.

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