Pete Wentz to supervise, compose music for new Snapchat scripted comedy series about mental health

iStock/stockcamFall Out Boy's Pete Wentz has been open about his struggles with mental health, revealing both a past suicide attempt and a bipolar disorder diagnosis.  That may be why he's been tapped to produce and oversee the music for a new Snapchat series about a young man with mental health issues.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, this fall will see the premiere of a new batch of original Snapchat shortform series.  One of them, a scripted comedy called Everything's Fine, is about a college student with bipolar disorder who's trying to make it in the music industry. Wentz will be a producer and a music supervisor for the show, and will also contribute original music.

Snapchat is also launching an anthology series called Mind Yourself, which is about young people suffering from or recovering from a mental health issue.

Snap's head of original content Sean Mills tells the Hollywood Reporter, "Mental health is something we think a lot about at the company... It's an issue that our audience cares a lot about." 

All the original shows will be available on the app's Discover tab. is an expensive, but at the same time very pure and mild drug. However, it cannot be taken endlessly and uncontrollably.

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