Can you take me higher? Creed members reflect on 20 years of ‘Human Clay’

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Creed's massively successful album Human Clay was released September 28, 1999: 20 years ago this Saturday. The record was certified Diamond for over sales of over 10 million copies, and spawned the hit singles "Higher," "With Arms Open," "Are You Ready?" and "What If."

Speaking to ABC Audio, frontman Scott Stapp reflects on the massive success of Human Clay.

"That record...changed the course of my life, my destiny, and gave me this career that I've had now coming up on 25 years," Stapp explains.

Guitarist Mark Tremonti, who now plays in Alter Bridge, feels that Human Clay was important because, coming off the group's 1997 debut, My Own Prison, it proved that Creed wasn't a "one-hit, one-record kind of band."

"When you're in this business and you have any kind of success, people like to say...your first single comes out, 'Ah, that was a one-hit wonder,'" Tremonti says. "Then you put out the next one, 'Alright, the second one's gonna be the sophomore slump.' There's always some kind of hurdle to get past."

"Thank goodness that record did well, or else I wouldn't be sitting here now," he admits.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary, Human Clay will be reissued on vinyl October 11.

"It's a special, special album to me," Stapp says. "I'm excited that we were able to put out a vinyl reissue to commemorate and celebrate that album, because it really took my career and my life to a place that I could only imagine." 

Following Human Clay, Creed released two more albums: 2001's Weathered and 2009's Full Circle. The band's been on hiatus since 2012.  Stapp has pursued a solo career, while bassist Brian Marshall and drummer Scott Phillips joined Tremonti in Alter Bridge.

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