Twenty One Pilots fans say The Chainsmokers are “ripping off” the Pilots’ Bandito tour

Twenty One Pilots/ABC Image Group LAFans of Twenty One Pilots are stressed out over similiarities between their band's 2018 Bandito tour, and the staging of The Chainsmokers' new The World Way Joy outings.

"[T]wenty one pilots tickets got sold out? no worries! the chainsmokers are gonna put on a show exactly like the one you wanted," one Twitter user snarked.

NME reports that Bandito tour's staging was praised for being imaginative, with fire elements, moving catwalks, and other features -- that the World Way Joy shows also feature on stage.

"ok you cannot call THIS just a trend that a lot of bands/ artists are doing. this is a very distinct, UNIQUE, twenty one pilots thing and the chainsmokers are just... ripping it off..." another Pilots fan vented

The Chainsmokers' reps have not responded for comment.

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