Gavin Rossdale: “I would fall off my chair” if Bush got nominated for Rock Hall induction

Credit: Neil Krug

Bush's 1994 debut album, Sixteen Stone, turns 25 this year, making the British rockers eligible for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. However, frontman Gavin Rossdale says he doesn't really get all the hubbub around the potential honor.

"Being English, [we don't have] really such a huge connection to it," Rossdale tells ABC Audio of the Hall. "Obviously, I see that people, especially American musicians, they lose their mind over it. It is like going into, I don't know, being buried at St Paul's Cathedral or something."

But even if he was excited about the prospect, Rossdale isn't expecting Bush to get nominated for induction.

"I've always felt like we've operated so much outside of the establishment that I would fall off my chair if we got [nominated]," Rossdale says. "[I'm] just sort of setting myself up for just being OK with not getting in there."

If, however, Bush did get nominated, and Rossdale survived his fall unscathed, he feels it'd be "really nice to be recognized."

"It's, like, all award shows are terrible, unless you get an award," he laughs. "They're all crap. 'I got one? I love this one. This award and this show...' you know what I mean? So it's not something I'm hanging on to." 

While Rossdale isn't counting on the Rock Hall's recognition, you can celebrate the 25th anniversary of Sixteen Stone with Bush on their co-headlining tour with Live, which picks back up October 10 in Chula Vista, California.

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