The Struts talk friendship with Foo Fighters: “We’ve all got our own buddies within the band”

Walt Disney Television/Paula Lobo

The Struts got the ultimate seal of approval when Dave Grohl declared the English rockers to be "the best opening band" the Foo Fighters ever had.  And according to Struts frontman Luke Spiller, the relationship between his band and the Foos has expanded beyond even that.

"It's quite funny, we've all got our own buddies within the band," Spiller tells ABC Audio. "I'm fairly close with [drummer] Taylor [Hawkins], and we talk quite a bit. [Guitarists] Adam [Slack] and Pat [Smear] kind of geek out a lot on guitars."

Meanwhile, bassist Jed Elliott has bonded with guitarist Chris Shiflett over soccer.

"Shifty's the man," Elliott says, using his nickname for the Foo axeman. "He supports the same football team as me, so every day off we'd go and play football with all the crews that we could get together."

"So yeah, Chris 'Shifty Lad' is my boy," he laughs.

Overall, The Struts feel that Grohl's compliments and their friendships with the Foo members are "a huge honor."

"For long periods of time, you have to believe in your own ability," Slack says. "Until somebody that you really look up to tells you that you're good, you're not sure if you are, y'know --  'I am deluded or not?'"

"But to have Dave Grohl to come out and say we're the best opening act that the Foo Fighters have ever had is confirmation that we weren't wrong all along," he adds.

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