Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic defends Nickelback against Fox News: “I love them!”

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic.comIt's been an interesting few days for Nickelback: First President Trump, attempting to support his allegations against former Vice President Joe Biden, tweeted a meme based on the band's "Photograph" video, only to then have Twitter remove the meme.  And now a founding member of Nirvana has come to their defense.

As explained by Alternative Press, yesterday, writer Parker Molloy posted an old clip of Fox News editor Chris Stirewalt from back in March, joking about an incident where several congressmen mentioned Nickelback during a debate on the house floor.

In the clip, "Nickelback is like socialism,” Stirewalt says. “Our generation and prior generations fought hard against the scourge of Nickelback and to show what the dangers are of emo-pop ballad ’90s rock.”

To which Novoselic replied, "Who is this jerk? Nickelback is a power pop rock band & I love them!!!! They are Canadian BTW. The USA can work well because of the uneasy marriage between socialism and capitalism here. There is push and pull—so be [wary] of those on the fringe advocating one way or another."

It's worth noting that Novoselic is the board chair of FairVote, the electoral reform organization.

So far, Nickelback has yet to respond publicly to Novoselic's support.

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