“Power, emotion, sex, danger”: Check out The Glorious Sons’ playlist of musical inspirations

Credit: Jonathan Weiner

Canadian rockers The Glorious Sons just released their album The War on Everything, and they've got a North American headlining tour kicking off in January.  If you want to know what they'll be listening to on the road, you may want to check out a playlist that Glorious Sons members -- and brothers -- Brett and Jay Emmons put together for Billboard, showing off their wide range of musical influences.

The playlist, which they call a "counter culture" mix, features classic rock tunes by Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Lynyrd Skynrd and Jimi Hendrix, softer rock by Jackson Browne and Fleetwood Mac, hard rock and metal tunes by Pantera and AC/DC, and rap songs from 2Pac and Eminem.

Of course, there's also some Beatles, Beach Boys, Queen and -- given that the band is Canadian -- a song by The Tragically Hip.

“As you can see I went through many phases growing up, and I think it would have probably been impossible to stick to one genre in the '90s and early 2000’s,” Brett tells Billboard

"The rock and roll our parents grew up with wasn’t as prevalent in some households, and definitely not in the mainstream, but it was always hanging over everything for me. I loved the power, the emotion, the sex, the danger.”

Brett adds, "Fittingly, I made my way through a lot of rap and metal artists as well, but eventually landed right back in my garage trying to impersonate the monsters of electric guitar and bloody rasp.”

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