The Glorious Sons ascend ‘Billboard’ rock chart for second time with “Panic Attack”

Credit: Jonathan WeinerNo need to panic: The Glorious Sons are back on top of Billboard's Mainstream Rock Songs chart.

"Panic Attack," the lead single from the Canadian band's new album A War on Everything, is the new leader on the ranking, displacing Dirty Honey's "When I'm Gone."

As frontman Brett Emmons tells ABC Audio, "Panic Attack" is about having an actual panic attack.

"It's inspired by...over-stimulation, [and] the fears that we have that lead to overthinking things and crawling inside yourself," he explains.

If you've heard "Panic Attack" and want to check out A War on Everything, then Emmons says you should prepare yourself to go in a number of different sonic directions.

"It's a pretty eclectic record, to be honest with you," says Emmons. "We kinda wanted to go in and make something that does a lot of different [things], that takes you through a lot of different turns and sounds."

The Glorious Sons previously topped Mainstream Rock Songs with "S.O.S. (Sawed Off Shotgun)," a track from the group's 2017 album, Young Beauties and Fools.

While "S.O.S." deals with external forces, such as the taxman and unemployment, and "Panic Attack" is more about an inner battle -- the titular panic attack -- Emmons feels that there is a connection between the two tracks.

"I think that you'll find that across the board on a lot of my stuff since Young Beauties and Fools -- you'll hear, I guess, that war within yourself," Emmons says.

"I mean, even in 'S.O.S.', it is external forces in the chorus, but if you listen to the verses, there's a lot of internal forces that you're fighting as well."

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