R.E.M. shares new remix of ‘Monster’ song and Kurt Cobain tribute, “Let Me In”

Craft RecordingsR.E.M. has premiered a new remix of "Let Me In," a track off the band's 1994 album, Monster.

The original song was written in the wake of Kurt Cobain's death and ended up as a tribute to the late Nirvana frontman. R.E.M.'s Peter Buck even played one of Cobain's guitars on the recording.

"I remember writing it, and I wasn't thinking about Kurt specifically, but I was in kind of an angrily melancholic mood," bassist Mike Mills tells VICE of "Let Me In".

"We were all pretty devastated by what had happened," he added. "So when [frontman] Michael [Stipe] heard it, he thought that it would be a suitable setting for him to get some of his feelings out about Kurt."

The "Let Me In" remix, done by frequent R.E.M. producer and brief Nirvana collaborator Scott Litt, is included on the upcoming deluxe 25th anniversary reissue of Monster, which will be released November 1.

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