Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds proposes artist boycott of producer Dr. Luke

ABC/Randy HolmesImagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds is pledging to never work with Dr. Luke, and is asking other artists to do the same.

The famed producer, born Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald, has been involved in a years-long legal battle with pop singer Kesha, who accused Luke in 2014 of sexual and emotional abuse. Gottwald has since sued Kesha for defamation and breach of contract, and she's attempted to countersue him three times in order to void that contract.

"I pledge to never work with Dr. Luke unless he drops his lawsuit against [Kesha] and releases her of any contracts she has with him," Reynolds wrote in a social media post.

"I ask all artists in our industry to make this same pledge," he added, along with the hashtags #BoycottDrLuke and #FreeKesha.

Reynolds' post comes after E! News reported Thursday that Kesha's latest countersuit against Dr. Luke was denied by a New York judge.

Dr. Luke is still pursuing his defamation suit against Kesha, and the two are set to face each other in court next year. In addition, Kesha is still legally obligated to record three more albums for the producer.

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